Wednesday, September 14, 2005

This and That

Boy, are there a lot of great writers in the blogging world. And there are some that are so damn funny (writing...their writing is funny) I check their blogs several times throughout the day. Sometimes its intimidating. I mean, these people bring laughter to the world... I seem to just whine. Oh well, too bad for you.

My life is so routine and predictable that some days there's just nothing to write. And sometimes days turn into weeks. Today I thought I'd try to come up with a little bit of that and a little bit of this.

that...this...that that that... this .... that.. well, you get the picture.

I'm learning how to share again. Today I get to share my income with others. 'Others' being corporate America.... money comes in, money goes out. Time to pay the bills. I've tried to simplify my life by getting rid of much, but getting rid of money is not one of my most favorite things to do, however, it does get me out of the house. With the price of gas being what it is, I get out about once a month. And today is my big day. Why...gasp....I might even blow $4 and buy a latte. hmmmmm. Or not. Scrouge, you know. Spend $4 on a latte and just pee it out within 30 minutes. Maybe I'll blow that wad on some Nag Champa instead. Yes... that's what I'll do. I'll go stand in the artsy-fartsy yuppie store (which I like) for a while and breathe in the atmosphere then buy the incense. I will have something to hold in my hand for a while and it will save me 10 or 20 trips to the bathroom. One right after the other.

The weather here is gorgeous.... fall-like weather. Cool at night with happy sunshine during the day. Looking at the national weather map I feel very fortunate to live where I do. But ya gotta love moss and rust here. I love the smell of wet moss. It gets my allergies onset of allergies. But its mild. When I smell wet moss I can visualize trapsing through a rain forest with everything green and freshly washed. Only my rain forest doesn't have any insects. I almost typed incest. Close enough to be an innocent slip of the brain/finger coordination thingy.

I thought I had more of 'this' to share but the moment I sat down the thoughts went poof! Maybe when I return from my errands I'll have some 'that' to write about. Anyway, I'm "poof" outta here.

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