Friday, September 30, 2005

More 'This and That'

Fall is officially here in my neck of the woods. For fall to be "official" it must be raining, which it is. And according to the prognosticators it will rain for the next five days. The great part is that, rain or not, its a mild day. I'm sitting here with the front window open, window fan on low, and theres an opened window at the back of the apartment for a nice cross-ventilation. Now how damn interesting is that!

So many young people today seem to be totally...TOTALLY...spoiled without a clue as to what it means to be a responsible adult and to support one's self. Mommy and Daddy gives them everything they want. Not need...but what they want. "Oh mommmie, I must have this $3,000 purse." WTF?! I hold a belief that these spoiled people are not the norm... even if I'm wrong, don't tell me, k?

Top Ramen Noodles... what a deal. They taste good, are fast and easy to fix, and cheap. I buy them by the case and get several bags of frozen mixed veggies of some kind. When heating the water for the noodles I put in a portion of the frozen veggies and when water/veggies are boiling, in go the noodles for three minutes. (I crush the noodles before cooking because I don't like long strands falling off the spoon or fork.) After cooking I let the veggie-noodles sit for a while so the juice can be absorbed. And there's lunch or dinner. Its a good way of getting some veggies into my 2 yr old grandson, too. He likes the noodles and doesn't seem to notice the vegetables.

I'm babysitting tonight. My daughter doesn't go out very often and this will give her a chance to get away. I don't ask where she goes, who she's with, or what she does. I don't want to know... I worry enough as it is. However, she doesn't get to use my car when she goes out. No way Jose.

Still raining......

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e said...

I've lived off Ramen noodles for a good part of my adult life. It started in college (five for a dollar, back then) and I still keep it in the pantry for those last minute meals...Just don't EVER read how much sodium is in'll make you thirsty just reading it. :)