Sunday, August 21, 2005


I just discovered vblogging today. Video blogging. Check it out here. Rather than writing about your day, with vblogging you film it. Way kewl.

There are cameras EVERYWHERE! No more nose-picking in private... or in your car.

There are such juicy treasures out there in webville... so many delicious blogs and personal sharings. I'm so impressed with a lot of the writings.... and I'm even impressed by the not-so-creative writings of those whose talents lie elsewhere, for their voices can be as entertaining and helpful as the others.

I spent a good deal of the afternoon checking out As Time Goes By, a blog about the joys of aging. Anyway, I think it was 'the joys'. She has a "timeline" series where she shares photos from her life with short narratives explaining them. It doesn't take pages and pages of dialog to express a whole life episode... just the facts ma'm. They can rip your heart out if you've got a even just a few ounces of life exposure under your belt. I teared up a few times, I can tell ya.

Anyway, there's a whole community sprouting up arounding aging. After all, we are in the majority now. And that's great... except its too bad it had to come at the end when we are more sedate. Well, at least some of us are.

I need to find a site-counter... something that lets you know how many times your site is visited. But I've become a little paranoid over downloading anything (or adding coding to your site). Plus I don't know why someone would create a site-counter and give it away for free... I would like to know what the unwritten cost is to doing that. What is their payoff for doing it. And in case you wonder, "payoff" is not a bad word, in and of itself.

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