Sunday, August 28, 2005

Blogging Protocol

I need a manual of instructions for blogging. A book of manners, if you will. Maybe someone will answer my questions here? (thats a hint and an invitation, if you so choose to accept the mission.)

If you add a link to someone's blog, is it necessary to let them know?

If you pilfer...I mean 'share' something on your blog that you got from someone else, I know you should reference your source on your blog, but is it necessary to let the other person know you've done it? (and I'm talking borrowing some little tidbit...nothing huge.)

Once you've figured out how to get email notification when someone comments on your blog entry, should a response be returned by email or posted on the blog? Or both?

And here's a couple of other generalized questions...

In layman terms:
what the hell is an RSS feed and what does it do?
what is a blogroll and what does it do?
why do people give out free blogging space (or photo space)...what is their payoff?
do you trust PayPal and how do you get your money from it?
should I wear this pink outfit today or go with the yellow?


Heather said...

Hello! Here from Michele's! I answered some of your questions in an e-mail that I just sent you.

The Crusty Crone said...

Oh Thanks Heather... I appreciate it. When you visit the queen its nice to know how deep you should courtsey...know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

This kind of info would be helpful to many of us. I hope you'll share some of the answers here for all to read!

The Crusty Crone said...

I'm beginning to think there is a void calling out to be filled. The Unofficial Official Book of Blogging Protocol & Etiquette. Where's a writer when you need one? (00)

Leanne said...

1. It's like the headlines on any news page, a brief summary of RSS feeds from blogs that you select. I couldn't tell you how to make one work, though! IE: similar to LiveJournal "Friends" pages.

2. Blogroll, like, allows you to add your favorite blogs to your "links" list in just a couple of clicks. To link a blog is to read a blog, as well as to increase traffic to your own space for those who recipricol link (I recipricol link blogs I actually have or make time to read).

3. Free blogging space = advertising payoff and programming payoff, eventually. Wordpress is free. Has been forever. Now there are so many users that the original designers are getting interviews by some pretty big folks in the industry.

4. Paypal, yes I trust them but only when I see the https in the addy! Getting your cashola? Easy, you log in to your account and click "withdraw", and it transfers to whatever account you've set up.

5. Yellow. I think you look great in yellow!

The Crusty Crone said...

aww.. Thanks Leanne...appreciate the info