Monday, August 29, 2005

This and That

First comes words of concern due to hurricane Katrina hurling herself through the Gulf Coast states and stomping all over peoples lives. Second comes a reminder to send 'good thoughts', in whatever form suits you, to all the other peoples throughout the world suffering from Mother Nature's menopausal tantrums. I do have one word of advice for our Southern folks..... MOVE!
(edit: My most humble apologies for the above comment ("move"). Another lesson for me to use my brain before engaging my mouth in an attempt to be witty. Sooo Sorry.)

After things have settled down for the Katrina recovery efforts, if you know of someone blogging from the area would you please share the link with me/us. And yes I do rubberneck accidents, always giving gratitude that it wasn't me. (Of course, if you play the odds, well...... gulp)

Raining! We have rain today. Maybe not the heavy duty kind, but it is a notch up from 'showers'. I'm a rain person and the webs between my toes have started to shrink. Oh wait.... maybe its just toe-jam. Shrinking would be a good thing, then, huh. DOH!

I would like to add a stats counter for my site and I've come across some free ones but I don't have a clue as to what to look for or what to get. Experience is the best teacher, but she grades too hard. And what do these people get for giving out free coding...anyone know? There's always a payoff and its nice to know what it is. (And "payoff" is not a bad word in and of itself. I know I usually like getting paid off...its usually for my silence.)

I have around 100 blogs bookmarked. I say 'around' because I am always deleting and adding, but not at the same rate. A couple of blogs that I've deleted in the past have been readded to my list. I'm easily swayed.

I was checking out Michele's place. She's one smart cookie... she writes a sentence or two asking for reader participation and they comply. One entry had over 300 replies. I wonder if she gets email notification when people post comments. That would be overwhelming. Anyway... I got sidetracked. I was checking out her "site of the day" which was Sugar Mommy's.

She's my kind of blogger, Sugar Mommy. She has young children and I don't (insert a snicker from a surviving-parent-of-adult-children here). Ah, the memories. But I knew she was my kind of peeps when she wrote about her FIL (father-in-law for those not familiar with the abreviation yet...SIL, BIL, MIL) deciding to stay in his house since he's a whole mile from the coast in Nawlins'.... she called him a dumbass. Yes, my kind of people. And I, too, hope he's okay.

(00) I just realized I started blogging before I finished my morning ritual of reading my faves. That's not like me. And its not like I had something big to write about here. hmmmm Interesting.

I gotta go now.... might be back later.
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