Saturday, August 27, 2005


It is Saturday, isn't it?

I've been wasting time brousing thru EBSQ, a site for self-representing artist. It has a wide variety of styles... mostly visual arts, with a few "crafts" thrown in for good measure.

The artists I looked at in detail seem to be mostly self-taught. Being a self taught artist is no indication of talent or lack thereof. Its a bag of beans. Some are very good, IMHO, and some should try cooking as their mode of expression. One such artist stated she was an English and Art Teacher. That took me aback. "She's teaching this stuff?!" Poor students...what a rip off. However, to put another spin on it, I admire her willingness to make a fool out of herself. Wait... that's not a very good spin. I...admire...her....gutsiness, yeah...her gutsiness, her willingness to put her art out for public display. Ya gotta have balls to do that. Did I mention I have big balls? Beach balls!!

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(I hope I don't get in trouble with the Maxine people. Its a compliment, guys, a compliment!!)


Leanne said...

I used to be a member of EBSQ. I'd say it's a great place for beginners, but once you become serious they really don't do much other than provide space for a gallery - and from what I understand it would be cheaper to get your own domain than pay the annual fee to join.

There's just too much "stuff" in there now. And all anyone needs to get in is a paypal account. :/

The Crusty Crone said...

I certainly concern...too much "stuff" at EBSQ. The only way your art would be noticed by someone just browsing is if your name started with an "A"... like Crusty Aardvark or sumpin'.

Leanne said...

LOL! Good point!!