Friday, August 26, 2005

My bookmarks

I have too many sites bookmarked. I had quite a few before even seeing my first they are running amok like seeping water. Thank goodness for file folders, yet even using those it has gotten to be too much.

So... I have created subfolders. Folders abound, folders galore...folders upon folders. You get the idea. I now have a "favorite blogs" for those I read each and every day. Sometimes several times a day. It currently has thirteen entries. Everything else remains in the original "blog" folder. There are 79 entries in that one. What do you mean I spend too much time on the pc?

Many of the 'regular' blogs are sites that don't necessarily update regularly, so they can wait for a while, then I go in and catch up on several entries at a time. Still, there needs to be some pruning, but I must do that when I'm feeling ruthless.

More folders are needed. Actually, what is needed is for me to just clear it out.


E said...

I do the exact same thing. In addition to my blogroll (which is entirely too long as it is), I have zillions bookmarked in my browser. I think of that as my "holding zone" while I decide if I want to add them to my blogroll...Periodically, I weed it all out. It's hard to do, though...
I came by after I read your comment on my site. I can't tell you how that hit me. I appreciate your commments more than you'll ever know. If I'm feeling particularly honest and raw this afternoon, it'll probably show up in a post. Anyway, thanks again...I'm bookmarking you now and I'll definitely be back!

Heather said...

Try bloglines or Pluck. Then you can read only the blogs that have posted recently. E's lovely blog doesn't work with my feed service, though, so I visit her every day no matter what :)

The Crusty Crone said...

ooohhhhhh... I get it. An RSS feed allows you to see all your bookmarked blogs without having to go to each one individually. Click. I get it now (if I do, indeed, 'have it).

Thx Heather.