Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Grandma x twelve

I watched the boys today while mom took care of some errands and to check out a job fair. I managed, but mom came home right on time.... it had been five hours. I don't like to push my luck. Or theirs, either.

Tornado Boy (almost 2) and the wee one (4 months) seem to have a bond between them. It started upon the wee one's birth. I'm guessing the wee one came to help Tornado Boy get through life while dealing with his anger issues. In return, TB will protect his brother to the max. Its interesting to watch the births and see the baggage they bring with them.

The baby is grandchild number eleven. My son stopped by this afternoon and told me his new wife is pregnant. That will make number twelve. Then, if you add the 3 step children that has joined my son (he already has four children) ....that's fifteen. That's a lot. My son plans on having one more, too.

My son, who manages the apartments, brought more good news. Two of the tenents are going to be evicted. The ones who do crack. The third tenent, who also has some strange things going on, will probably happen next. They already have a ten day notice to get rid of the puppy they have. The rental agreement states no pets. (They had put new carpeting down and now the puppy, who has fleas, is pooping on it. She's also pooping in the grass. Tornado Boy stepped in it.) Since these tenents moved in there have been multiple incidents of loss... stealing ladders (they were chained and locked), porch things. People who look like holocaust victims go in and out of the places all hours of the day and night.... drug tranfers happen in plain site. Anyway, its a colorful life that I get to observe.

Oh gawd... I almost started to talk about the weather. Gasp. Its time to sign off.

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