Thursday, August 11, 2005

Thirteen Thursday

Leanne's idea of listing thirteen things about ourselves sounds like fun. Its a way to join in... and the fact that it can be fiction of non-fiction is an added enticement.

**1. I don't know every much about blogging technical thingys ('You link here and I'll link there and we'll end up linking in circles') but I'm willing to bluff.

**2. I'm only on number two and I'm already drawing a blank. But its the first drawing I've done in a long time. Oh dear.

**3. There's a sink full of dishes waiting to be washed, but checking my favorite blogs comes first every morning.

**4. My first 'stop' each morning is at Sheila Hudson's blog and then on to her friends' list. It is thoroughly enjoyable and I love seeing the art work that is shared.

**5. I'm concerned about whether or not I can come up with thirteen items.

**6. I only drink coffee (I'm a Starbuck's snob) when I have some of Folger's Cafe Latte mix (mocha almond jive only) to add to it. Love the flavor!

**7. I'm "retired" and have just begun drawing my Social Security benefits. Its called "creative living" but I'm enjoying it... A LOT!!

**8. My favorite color is a deep rich yellow and all colors of green follow closely behind.

**9. I didn't realize what my favorite color was until I was in my fifties.

*10. I live in a tiny one bedroom apt. with the idea that the bedroom will be the studio. My bad. The bedroom is storage. Hopefully I will be able to change that shortly. Afterall, I'm practically making a commitment here in public. Perhaps I'll shame myself into getting it done.

*11. Three more to go....

*12. I love the rain, but some sunshine here and there is a nice change of pace. Sunshine makes people smile more.

*13. I haven't picked up a paint brush or pen in months... we're talking like six months or more. I don't know what my problem is, but I'm sure the head of the list is 'lack of discipline'.

I made it. Now I have to read it over to see if there's anything I want to change my mind about. Okay...its a go.


Leanne said...

Reading Sheila is a great way to start the day!

Great 13, Sandra, thank you for participating! What you do to share the link - look to your sidebar for your recent posts, and you can click on the title to take you direct to that entry, and copy the link up in your address bar. :)

The Crusty Crone said...

Oh...thanks for the directions about linking, Leanne. Another item to add to my knowledge base. (did you hear the echo when I dropped it in...hahahaha)