Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thursday Thirteen

Here I go... trying Leanne's coding for my "Thursday Thirteen" entry.

13 Super Sweet Morsels about The Crusty Crone

1. I'm wondering if this coding will work okay or not. Have I "inserted" things in the right place?

2. If it doesn't work, then I can always come back and take it out.

3. I was finally able to stock up on my favorite incense yesterday, Nag Champa. My true favorite is Prasad's Patchulie (that I can't spell) but its difficult to find.

4. I woke up too early this morning. Oh my, I'll have to take a nap!

5. This seems like such a simple thing... thirteen things, but damn! I'm stumped.

6. I have no more excuses left for not drawing or painting something today.

7. I live in an area with a lot of addicts and gang members. Its 10am and someone is out there yelling right now. I can't tell if they are arguing or just communicating to each other.

8. I've called the cops to come see about a domestic violence situation in one of the apartments here.

9. I don't have a phone, which makes #8 even more amazing, doesn't it. I don't need a phone. When I had a phone the only calls I got were for someone else. Or to ask me for money. I have no need for a phone.

10. After I watch the daily painting program on the public tv channel in the afternoons I continue watching the Bearstein Bears and then Reading Rainbow. (Lavar's such a cutie and I love seeing the book illustrations.)

11. I need to do laundry. Its becoming a desparate situation.

12. I love PBS programming...usually. But British sit-coms are a bit odd.

13. Now I get to figure out if there is some stuff to delete from the coding here. Wish me luck.

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Leanne said...

Hey that worked! I tweaked the code a bit so (maybe?) there won't be so much "space" around stuff, I think! LOL

I am rather amazed that you don't have a phone, or want a phone. I would shrivel up in a little ball without one. LOL

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! »