Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The I.R.S. came awalking......

The IRS came into my life today. Sunshine and rasberries.... NOT! My 2002 tax filing has gotten all screwed up and the ball began rolling because of a mishappen (yes, I'm wording this nicely) on their end of the stick.

This was the year I quit my job and cashed out my 401k. I knew I would take a tax hit but I was willing to do that. I just wanted out. I wanted freedom. I wanted no responsibilities. (BTW, I have never been successful with that one.) I paid over $12k for that year.

And here is where the records start getting screwed up.

The IRS sent me a form saying I only owed $9k and they sent me a $3K refund check. I remembered being very surprised but who am I to say the IRS is wrong. So I deposited the refund and went on about my way.

Several months later I remember getting notified that there had been an error on my tax filing (they didn't mention who made it) and that I owed them $3k. (I'm just rounding off here.)

Well, bummer but I was glad they sent the notice when I still have some 401k money left. They don't show it was received. ("Please Lord, don't tell me I forgot to send it in!") Now I need to verify if the check was ever processed and I don't have any records from that far back to even know what check number it was. Remember, I've been trying to downsize. I shredded a lot of papers. Now I have to see if I can somehow get information from my banking institution just using my faulty memory. This should be loads of fun.

In the mean time, they've put a hold on my checking account. I've made arrangements for monthly payments (and fees and interest and etc.) and they will lift the hold but it will take several days....maybe even up to 10+ days. And during this time I can look and see $50 in my account calling my name but I can't touch it. Sigh. And I was so happy when I looked at my account earlier today. Foolish me.

I hope I am able to find the proof I need to show the IRS I paid back the refund and this situation will disappear. And if I don't, then the best I can say is that all the arrangements have been made and I don't have to go thru that particular mess again. (I waited 25 minutes to be able to talk to a live person.) This is the best I could do regarding a positive spin on things. And I think its pretty good for me.

Actually, I'm handling this pretty well. Right now, anyway. There may be a time in the future when I'm feeling stressed and I bitch about it, but right now I'm doing okay. Its only money. wahhhhh

On a brighter note, its hot here.... got up in the 90s today and we might hit 100 degrees tomorrow. Be still my heart.

If nothing else, today has demonstrated how to stay in the centered place based on what's inside and not on external situations. We'll see how long it lasts.

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You are being inspirational.


I like it.