Sunday, August 27, 2006

Who gets the blame?

I must be in my ego because I just read a blog entry that has ticked me off. Just a little bit. Nothing serious, but lately I've been aware of how inconsiderate people are... and yes, I'm sure I fall into that category, too. I just can't remember right now.

Someone I read sporadically (when really bored) talked about going to a concert. It must have been in a theater of sorts (verses park or flat-ground area) because there were seats. To me 'seats' mean SIT DOWN. But this person talked about how she was standing and dancing around at the concert... and ignoring people behind her who asked several times if she would mind sitting down so they could see. In her viewpoint they should have stood up if they wanted to see. "Its a concert, after all." Please note... concert does not necessarily mean dance. I can see being up and dancing a bit on those songs that really rock your soul, but for the whole thing? And after you know you are keeping someone else from enjoying it? Well, how do you do, Queen of the Universe.

A previous blog entry has her blaming the mail carrier for not bring her the mailbox key that had been left in the lock for two days. Puleese... get real, princess. The castle is on ex-planet Pluto. Why don't you go over there to preem.

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