Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday ... whatever the date

'Mom' and the boys came over for a few minutes two days in a row. What that shows is how bored 'mom' was.... yesterday her friends all had things to do and she didn't want to go home so she came over here for a little while.

As usual, D. headed straight for the water to play in it... the wee one was sleeping like, what else, a baby. Unfortunately he didn't sleep long.

Clever gramma sliced up some canalope to have ready for them... what a treat! Fresh fruit. D's response was to begin gagging as he tried to get it out of his mouth. I was able to keep him from putting the canalope back in the bowl. Perhaps it was the texture... who knows. I didn't even try it on the little one.

They both love noodles... Top Ramon kind. No food value, so they'll eat it seven days a week. And what is it with these noodles... is there some law that says there must be some on the couch and on the floor at all times? And don't try to pick them up off the floor... they don't like that and will run away.

Nothing else going on.....
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