Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cool weather

We've been fortunate in having a couple of days of cool weather... temps reaching only around 70 degrees. Its been very nice, but now we are on an upward run for several days. By this weekend we'll be hugging the 90s closely.

I've made a list of things to do. Many people swear by them so I thought I'd give it a try.... again. I've made lists before but without impact. However, I'm always willing to try again. Up to a point. You've heard that saying... the one about people keep doing the same thing expecting a different outcome. Well, that would be me.

Geesh... I think I'm going to have to close the windows. Its getting too cold in here. BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!
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Anonymous said...

Excuse me Grandma but.....


From one grandma to another...he is soooo cute.


Carrie said...

Reading here, catching up...

Lists, people coming to visit when they are bored, people thinking WE HAVE ALL THIS MONEY TO LOAN THEM (maybe they watch too much t.v.- sitcom famlies? Bill Cosby didn't say "I don't have any money" when Theo wanted a car, he said "you will have to do chores around the house and earn it" (or something)... phones (I hate them too, before I had Caller ID and it would be someone calling "to chat" like for the next 2 hours)
I forget what else, but I relate to so much. Don't like the heat (some say they love it, and hate to see summer over! Well, they can move to FLORIDA where it's hot and humid and tropical most of the time, and then spend $500 a month to run Central AC all the time)
I hate to say I'm bored, maybe burned out on housework? Aimless is a better word. I, too have started making lists, like when I'm going to bed at night, and then either forget about them or can't find them the next day.
What's the point or it all?
Maybe this is the dog days of summer?
I'm finding autumn leaves on the lawn and the trees are just starting to turn. Did we have a summer? No, Universe that is not a complaint (LOL)

Anonymous said...

Fall does seem to be coming early this year in So.Cal...nights are definitely way too cool for this being August, although I read we are going to heat up again soon.