Sunday, August 06, 2006

Its Sunday already!

Where does the time go? Hard to believe that its Sunday already.

Nothing much to talk about... each time I go to the store the cost of things have increased again. Future Shock, I guess.

The on-site managers found someone sleeping in the laundry room again when they went to open it up this morning. Left-overs from 'the neighbor'. I was considering doing laundry early today but I'm glad I didn't get around to it. The lock will be changed and the bolt will be made to go in deeper so the lock can't be popped so easily.

It must be really tough when the only place you have to lay your head down is a laundry room. I don't even want to think about where they are going to the bathroom.

As a people we are far from civilized. And as a nation we should be ashamed of ourselves. Human rights, indeed.
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Anonymous said...

Human rights indeed!!! I have come to believe we are a prison planet..well it could be my mood.

Anonymous said...

Okay this is weird. I stopped commenting here because I didn't want to drop where my blog was. But, I couldn't post anonymously anymore so gave up. But now I can again....I think keeps changing things on us. Had my grandson for the last week so you know who I am...

The Crusty Crone said...

Yes, it can be a little frustrating at time with the site, but since I'm not promoting anything it hasn't impacted me much. Well, except not getting comments. Its free and I appreciate that... and it seems to be easy to use, so I'll try to cope. (I know lots of folks have changed to different blog sites.) I'm sorry for your frustrations. Hope its over with now. (Famous last words, huh.)