Sunday, August 27, 2006

Saturday's visit

A friend invited me over for a visit yesterday. Its usually always very pleasant... quiet, just two people, and... she fixes dinner. Her original plan was to have a salmon dinner but it was too hot to have the stove on so she opted for turkey sandwiches with cold slaw. All very nice and its a chance to have someone else deal with dinner. All of which I appreciate very much.

My friend gets her salmon almost directly from the Columbia River. A fellow employee has access to the salmon caught by Native Americans. Almost as fresh as catching it yourself.

The photos were almost an after-thought. I put my camera in my purse and then forget about it. I got some shots of her porch flowers and one showing the upper apt. that is across the street. When the trees are in full bloom I imagine you could sit out there and visualize being in the woods... except for the car horns and exhaust fumes. And the one picture with a small spot of red in it... it was of a porch a couple of houses down that was covered in wisteria and had an infant seat hanging from the roof of the porch. It looked real kewl in person... something gets lost in the photo.

Its around 94 degrees right now, but the sun is pretty low in the sky so soon dusk will be here and things will cool down. Fortunately it has been cool at night so one has the chance to cool off the apartment.... if one is willing to have their windows open all night. My little place doesn't do too badly, as long as it can get cooled off once a day. It will be get cooler during the week and then heat back up this coming holiday weekend. That will be three weekends with excellent weather for those who like it hot. That doesn't happen very often around here.
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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the pics of your visit. Sounds like you had a nice quiet time. That's good!


Anonymous said...

I am soooo sorry that it was THAT hot and that you did not have THAT salmon. It must be wonderful to have fish THAT fresh..........hope you get an invite back real soon when it is koooool/
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