Saturday, August 26, 2006

Up for some excitement?

Cause I gotta tell ya... it jus dont get any more 'citing' than this!! Hang on!

Although I AM gave a great suggestion with regards to coffee makers I needed something NOW so I pulled myself together and went to the local Walgreens. Its pretty close. I picked up this Signature brand. I looked, but couldn't find a signature anywhere, but if I had designed it, I wouldn't want my name on it either. Not that its a horrible design like my walkman, but the opening for pouring in the water is on the smallish side and the lid gets in the way. I predict water on the counter is in my future. But I can deal.

Just so I would have a couple of other things to post about I also took a picture of my other purchases. Two rolls of paper towels for a buck and a coupon; sixteen AA batteries for under $8; and a package of crispy snap peas for a salad or two... if they last that long. They are kind of addicting... can't eat just one. Anyway, I can't.

Now... I haven't bowled you over have I? I hope not. I tried to play down the drama a bit so the excitement wouldn't be overwhelming. I trust I succeeded.
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Anonymous said...

Hey that was fun!!! I love seeing somebody's shopping. Snippets of life...I like that. Enjoy that new coffee maker....d

Anonymous said...

plus with all those batteries I am thinking, lots of pics...Could that be correct...d