Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Holy Crap, Batman!!

*Bah Bah Bahbah Bah Bah Bah Bah BahBah Bah.
No, its not Goldie Hawn from Overboard. Its me after going shopping.

*A product I use each week has increased by fifty-cents. That's right... 0.50!! Not a nickel, not a dime.... but $0.50!! Bah Bah BahBah Bah.

*Anything that is top-heavy will eventually it a corporation or a financial system. I'm getting seasick from the swaying now.

*Will the United States become a third world country? We already have a higher mortality rate compared to some countries. (I'd name them, but I can't remember which ones because I'm still in shock from going to the store.) Somewhere around 40 million people are without health coverage.

*We have 2,000 FEMA trailers sitting empty.

*Quite often I find that the people who get a 'make-over' look better before the make-over. "We're going to style your hair this way because its the fad right now, even if it makes your nose look like Dumbo's."

*Saw a national weather map last night on the news. It looked like it was completely republican....everything was red, except for a thin strip of yellow on the west coast. Oh thankyou God...I be on the west coast. I'd wash my car if I thought it would actually bring on some rain.

*I went to see my youngest daughter today... she wanted me to see her new apartment. For the most part, if you've seen one apt. you've seen them all, but they've made a very nice and comfy home. The boys look happy and are learning how to clean up their toys without it being a drag. They've acquired more furniture. They even have two cats. How domestic.

*I dusted my car this morning before taking off. Last week it has sprinkle only enough to get my car dirty. I don't have a hose to wash it and I refuse to spend money to get it washed. The dirt was dry so I decided to simply dust it. It looks a lot better. Fortunately my car doesn't show up dirt very well, anyway. At least not if you are 100 yards away.

*I'm more likely to make a blog entry if I do it before I visit my 'regular sites'.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Enjoyed reading your view on the world and really enjoyed hearing about your daughter's nice place and knowing she's made a nice little home for the boys. Now that's worth writing home about, yeah!!!! Good for her.


you know who quacks.

Anonymous said...

Was delighted to read about the new apartment!!!!

Can I take "her" out of the Holy Jar now and burn Gratitude???


you know who flys

cat's momma said...

Cool about the new apartment for them...and I've been known to "dust" my car also. Gee, wondering what went up 50 whole cents?!


you know who meows.