Friday, March 31, 2006

Mother of Invention

I'm not a shopper. Its not my forte. And add to that the desire to be quick, you can see how it could happen. I grabbed the wrong product while grocery shopping a couple of weeks ago. I grabbed whole bean coffee instead of ground. And I discovered it after I had opened the package... so now I have beans with no grinder. As I do not plan on purchasing more beans I can't not justify buying a grinder. What to do?

Well, the first thing I did was go buy some ground coffee. I didn't want to wait on coffee while trying to come up with a solution. I don't like time pressure. (Its probably why I waste so much time. Please don't hate me because I'm late. You thought I was going to say beautiful, huh.)

Today was the day when I needed a solution... I had run out of ground coffee. And I came up with one, but its one for emergencies only. That's because its labor intensive.

The only thing a grinder does is break up the beans. Well I can do that. After thinking of several ways to do this I decided to try the ole pliers method. I broke up a small handful of beans.... one at a time. I couldn't call it 'fine' grind, but 'barely broke' works. Naw, I'm kidding... they are smaller pieces than 'barely broke', but not by too much.

Then I changed plans and made half a pot instead of a whole one. I am now sitting here with my second delicous Cup O Joe.

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*"FEED THAT WOMAN!" Maybe Naomi Campbell needs to eat something. It might help with anger management.
*Biased Reporting. That would be NBC's National news program. They had a piece about a study done on the effects of prayer on healing. The study did not show it had an effect. The parting comment from the news anchor clearly outlined his personal opinions on the study. I found it an interesting example of the subtlities of influencing others. Mass hypnosis in a way.
*Reading the same blogs over time you get an idea of the kind of person that is on the other end. At least those who are a bit more comfortable and honest in their blog. There are some that I would not like to have as a neighbor....critical of others. And since I believe we are our own best teachers, perhaps I should apply that comment to me, too. Interesting.

It was soooo beautiful here, weather wise. Earlier I was debating whether to run an errand today or wait until Monday. I have a tendency to always wait, but after going outside for a few minutes, I decided today was the day. White billowy clouds, sunshine, birds singing, trees blossoming.... yes, today was the day. It was a good day.

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Anonymous said...

Sunshine, what is sunshine. I'm fading away here in "sunny" California. I'm waiting for heat...lots of it.

So while your drinking that coffee, how about drawing something and posting it. What about a watercolor. Even a cartoon.

Glad you got your ground coffee.