Saturday, April 01, 2006

Shhhh.... I'm babysitting

I'm babysitting and the wee one is asleep. I do believe its going to be one of the easy as pie sessions. One yr old Vyron (whose name has now been officially changed) was brought over late-ish, around 8:30pm. He looked tired... had probably fallen asleep in the car... plus he has his continous cold thingy going on, too. (Big bruddar, Darius, was staying the night with a family friend.)

I had told 'mom' to bring Vyron some food for him since I haven't been to the store lately. She sent yogurt. Two containers of fruit yogurt, fer gawd sake. They don't call me gramma for nuthin', know what I mean? This child, if he's to be content, needs solid food. He needs some sleep enhancing comfort food. He needs real food. But he had to settle for what I had available. And he needs his rest. (gramma rubbed her hands together slowly as a wicked snicker escaped from her sly mouth.)

I fixed him some fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, and a cup of orange juice.... and he was grubbing! As grubbing as one can get with only a couple of nubs sticking up through his gums... just enough to clank on the silverware. And as I had hoped, when he was done he toppled over on the couch and went to sleep. Okay, maybe not immediately, but certainly in baby-terms, he went to sleep quickly.

And now, lucky me, 'mom' just called to say she's on her way to get him. They didn't go to the movies after all... just had dinner.

Yes, an easy session it was.

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Anonymous said...

shhhhhhh, I will whisper. Thank God for grandmas, right? Grandmas know these little ones need comfort food. And now, mom is almost there and you have the whole day ahead of you. Are you going to draw? sandy