Saturday, March 18, 2006

Nuthin' in Particular

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I'm tempted to just leave the illustration... no text. That's because there really isn't anything to discuss.

*As evidence of how mild the winter has been, my current electric bill is $27. Its all in the layering.

*I discovered Safeway carried a product I had thought only Albertson's carried. Holy Crap, Batman... the price difference is staggering. Its $4.59 at Albertson's (which, I think, is way over-priced anyway) and $4.89 at Safeway. That's a $0.30 difference. That's big!

*Yes... I did buy it, but only one. Any future purchase of said product will have to be as a reward for saving someone's life.

*(Sigh)Yes... I did exaggerate above item, but only by a little.

*The cursor has been blinking on this item for about 30 minutes now. That's my cue to shut it down for the day. Smiley faces to ya.

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