Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Running Errands

One of my daughters ('mom') called and asked if I would take her on a few errands. It was gorgeous outside so that's what I did today.

When I got to her apartment and walked through the door there was the "wee one" in his diapers running around, falling, giggling and then jumping back up to run some more. This is the first time I've really got to see his walking skills. He was enjoying it to no end... thoroughly pleased to fall and have the chance to get back up and do it again. A lot like life, doncha think? His first birthday is in April.

Anyway, my guy Darius came with 'mom' and me... the wee one stayed with mom's special friend Darius displays such a macho attitude... Mr. Football Player in his walk, trying to talk so he can tell you what to do, but still a sweetie. I look at him and can see how many paths are available for him to take at this stage and its scary. Its his day-to-day world that is shaping his outlook on things and its scary to see how easily it is to step amiss without even knowing it. How easily he picks up a toy gun and points it at someone.... its just scary for me. 'Scary' is too strong a word. 'Concern' is a better description. Don't need no fear around here!

We completed the errands quickly and then I dropped them off at a friends. It was a nice ride back home... sun out, warm, birds and blossoms out... a very nice day, all in all.

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Anonymous said...

Lucky you to have daughters. Sure wish I had one!!!

Oh yea, watching grandchildren grow and hope they make good choices is what its' all about I guess, well for me anyway.

Interesting reading you today.