Wednesday, March 08, 2006


As I begin this entry it is going on 5am. I've been up since around 3am because Dyer's program, that I mentioned yesterday, is being repeated. It started at 2am and it will be repeated several more times this month. Lucky for me because I feel like I may be falling asleep soon, but with the repeats still to come I may be able to see the whole thing.

Dyer is so easy to listen to... plain language for us plain folks. If you have an opportunity to see/listen to it I encourage you to do so. Even with the 10-15 minute pledge breaks there are still treasures to be had if you choose to pick them up.

Edit: I managed to make it through the whole thing... and it was worth it.


Trace-Sask said...

Discovered your blog today tho I've never read one before I was fascinated to read yours as you sound so much like myself and my attitudes - Certainly crustier since menopause - Who has the time, we realise to put up with all the B.S. anymore - If it walks like stupid and talks like stupid maybe that is what it really is - And maybe more people should speak out and say so - But life is good and it's up to each one of us to make the most of every great day and maybe brighten someone else's day if we are lucky enough to be able to - Your blog brightened mine - What a shame we cannot meet our computer neighbors - Trace-Sask

The Crusty Crone said...

Well 'hey' trace-sask... You sound like my kind of woman! Nice of you to comment. And you're right about life being good... so far, anyway.
(she knocks on wood)