Tuesday, March 07, 2006


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Inspiration... got any? I sure could use some.

I'm feeling blessed and a little bummed out because of OPB's fund-raising time. They put on some great programs during their continuous appeal for funding. (damn government should repeal the cutbacks...its just a drop in the bucket, fer gawd sake. But since they're cutting back on Medicaid, education, anything to do with people, what more can be expected. However, let me not get political cause I don't know that much about politics ...except its all crooked and I AIN'T VOTING REPUBLICAN. 'Course that isn't a change.) Since pros and cons are contained in everything, OPBs great programs are totally disrupted while they ask for donations. Its hard to follow a program when the train of thought completely derails all the time.

Wayne Dyer has another program/conference out for OPB on "Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling".

Here's the write-up from their TV guide listing:
In his newest special, Dr. Wayne Dyer assures us that inspiration is not something that comes and goes. It's not something that you have one moment and then, in the next moment, it disappears. This program is a whole new look at inspiration. Dr. Dyer will engage the viewer through laughter, spirituality, and great emotion.

I don't think the synopsis is good...misses the point. Dyer breaks down the word to mean In-Spirit and explains how inspiration comes when you are in harmony with your Being and the Life processes. And I'm sure there's more, but I was only able to watch a little of it. I simply could not hang with all the interruptions and I fell asleep. (Now isn't that symbolic.) I woke up at the end of the program when they were playing a minute of his conference bookcased with 30 minutes of pleading.

If there is any billionaire out there reading this, please donate a trust fund to OPB so they can return to full programming. Thank you in advance. (Notice how a millionaire isn't enough any more?) Oh... and if you don't want the "gift" they give out for a $365 donation, you can send it to me, k?

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