Monday, March 13, 2006

The Big Tease - Spring

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Not much going on here, as evidenced by the subject line... Spring. You know its all over when you start talking about the weather... and older folks seem to talk about it more than younger ones. I call that an 'active symbol' for been there, done that.

We're getting a few hours of partly sunny weather then the rain is suppose to move in again. 'Partly Sunny' sounds so much more hopeful than 'Partly Cloudy'. But... I digress from what I really want to point out.

I want to point out my appreciation for the crocus... I hope I spelled that right. What a brave little ball of sunshine they are...poking up out of cold ground when its still winter. Such bravery. And such a sweet message they bring....don't dispare, spring is coming again this year. shhhh... its just around the corner, hold on...don't give up. Spring is coming.

I heard their name first. Crocus. Cro-cus. Its winter and my grandmother is saying 'the crocus are coming up' as though it was something important. I couldn't imagine what a crocus would look like...what could it possibly look like with a name like that. Cro-CUS. Was it anything like cactus? What else ended in 'cus'? Crocus, to my sixteen yr old mind the word felt like distaste and distain. (But that's how sixteen yr olds are suppose to be, right?)

Anyway... now that I'm as old as dirt, I occasionally pay attention to the mundane and pedestrian.... and I am usually always thoroughly intriqued by all I've been missing. And the beauty of crocus is one of them. I've finally connected the name to the actual growth and now I, too, get excited over the crocus acomin'.

But its still a little like calling a Playboy Bunny by the name of Bertha. It just don't fit.

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Anonymous said...

"Flying" in to simply feels so good to read a little Crone wisdom and some Crone thoughts. Makes my day, you did!!!