Monday, July 28, 2008


I just caught the tailend of a local news story about low-income apartments and how they will be watched to make sure no one living there makes more than $67,000. WHAT...??? An income of $67,000 is low-income?!? BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA

What constitutes "low income" to you?

To me, a single individual making $20,000 or less would be low income. A family of four making $30,000 or less would also be low income. And if the price of living keeps going up, these figures would need to be changed immediately.


cat's momma said...

Hmmm...K and I are below that 67 figure by quite a bit, and I know if we didn't share rent and expenses we'd be renting something totally different from where we are now. But E and R couldn't afford more than we could either, so maybe in the 50's could now be considered low income. But then there's really low income, so I don't know.

Travelling Goddess said...

Income Threshold
current as at 1 April 2008.

Single – living with others $22,366 or less
Single - living alone $23,712 or less

Married, civil union or de facto couple - no children $35,420 or less

Watch out CC those are the NY numbers.....they NOW will be all heading for OR!!

The Crusty Crone said...

They don't want to move to Oregon. Our housing has gone outta the roof!!! A plain small box of a house goes for $300,000 or more. Add a tin shed in the back and you've got a half a million dollar "home".

Rentals have gone crazy, too. (all those foreclosured people have to live somewhere after losing their home) You can rent a small studio from $750-$1,000. WTF?!

'They' say housing should be only 30% of your income. Around here its 50% to 60% or more. We've got multi-million dollar houses all over the area. Its become a California wannabe or something.

Sandy said...

I agree with CM..that's what I would call low income.

Wanda said...

Retirement in our case is "low income"....Soc. Sec. and a few other benefits. But I like our new life...