Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Morning

'Mom' had borrowed the car a few days ago and on Thursday she brought it back. She finally got the inside cleaned out.... from 2+ years ago. Actually, from 2 yrs up until now cleaned-out. She use to use the car a lot when we all lived together and the interior got really dirty. You know, goldfish (the crackers), potato chips and cookies, one lone slipper, one sandal, lots of bagging materials, and lots of old mail. All over the inside of the car. And now its gone. The only thing left to do is Armour-All the inside.... if I had some Armour All.

The boys were very energic. Maybe a sugar high... I'm not sure, but they were running around A LOT. They grow so fast!! Darius will be five years old in a few months. He's not a little boy any more. Sniffle. He's turning into a boy. A 'regular boy'.

I tried to get a good head shot of both of them, but they wouldn't cooperate. Darius looks scared, doesn't he. It wasn't me. All I did was call to him so I could get a photograph. Maybe he was scared that I was going to take the flashlight away from him, but everybody knows you HAVE TO HAVE a flashlight in the daytime!

Mom had trimmed up the boys hair using just scissors and she did a really good job. I especially like how Darius' turned out.... but he doesn't like it. I guess he put up a big stink about it, too. That's mom's attitude coming back to kick her in the butt. She use to stand firm about wanting the boys' hair to be long while everyone around her tried to talk her into getting it cut very short. (insert mother's snicker here. make it two snickers.)

I'm trying to get my butt in gear this morning. I'm going to go get a couple more pieces of clothing. That's a rare occurance for me, but I'm doing it. Plus, the store I go to is having a big 40% off most things, even clearance items. So... I gotta go jump in the shower now.

Update: It was a successful run. I got a 'work shirt' and a three piece outift in black. (I'll look like the grim reaper.) All for under $40. My kinda good.
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Wanda said...

Cute pictures of the boys. I like there haricuts too.

Funny you saying you're going out to buy some clothes. I call Julie this morning and said can we go to Wal*Mart or Target or somewhere, I so sick of wearing these skirts that are 100 year old...I want something different....So I'm on the go too.

My kids loved flashlights. I found at the 99 cent store I could get two for that dollar so I always kept flashlights. At night they placed tag with them. Cheap Toy...except the batteries. :)

Have a great day...hope you are successful in your shopping. Me too.

Anonymous said...

fun seeing the boys. Can't believe he is almost 5. Hunt will be 6 in August, whew!

Glad you found some clothes. I go shopping but hate the new styles so end up with just new men's tshirts and jeans, my regular uniform.

BJ said...

The boys are so adorable! So glad you posted pics of them.

I think kids in general really love flash lights! All my grandchildren have had them too. Batteries???? I think it is a many toys need them.

So glad you found clothes. I love many of my things are black with some color here or there. When I go shopping, I loathe the clothes I find in stores. Ugly!!!! I'm not a fancy person....very more ways than one!(ha-ha). I don't like to dress up. Haven't had a dress on in many years.

cat's momma said...

I enjoyed seeing the new pics of the boys! Yup, flashlights are a must any time of day!

I am a jeans and t-shirt kinda old lady at heart and I'm so happy to not have to dress up for a job anymore. I would never find a style in the stores nowadays that I would actually wear.

Sharon said...

Your grandsons are adorable and now I'm feeling a little jealous about your clean car. Larry cleaned ours last week and Zoe's already managed to leave a trail of french fries.

Glad the shopping went well. I hate shopping so much!

Rosy said...

2+years since you cleaned out your car? Wow, is there more to this story that you aren't telling?

Darius does look like he is about to break and down and cry.