Monday, July 28, 2008


 Another good day. What more could one ask.

Yesterday morning I was sitting at the pc. From that position I can turn my head to the left and see the front window. I had the blinds partially closed... just enough so I could see out but someone couldn't see in without plastering their face up against the window. I noticed someone outside looking around as though they didn't know which apartment they needed. The person pulled out their cell phone. About that time my phone rang.

"??! Huh?"

Was that person outside calling me?!? What the hell's going on??

It was my daughter from Texas, better known as my Texas daughter.


No warning. No alert. Four months ago she mentioned she wanted to come to Oregon for a vacation trip... just her. Leave the hubby and two boys at home. That was the extent of the conversation. I had started to figure the economy had changed her plans, but here she was on my doorstep. Did I mention I was surprised?

She had gotten to town late last night and was staying with her mother-in-law just down the street a mile or so. (MIL has room and they seem to be good friends... up to a point, anyway.) She has her one-week all planned out so that she gets to see everyone.

We had a good conversation. Her most recent interest is in writing and she's signed up to take a writing course. I, of course, encouraged her to start a blog to help with the discipline needed to write daily. And... I lied to her when she asked me if I had a blog. (gasp) I don't want to have to tiptoe around with what I say on my blog. I mean, I do enough as it is... adding family pressure would be too much. So, no one that I know in the flesh knows about my blog. Only cyber friends know about it.

Its always pretty easy to talk with this daughter. I guess its mainly because she does most of the talking. hahahaha. She'll be back through here on Thursday. I'll have the dishes done and the floors swept by then.
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Sandy said...

Well wow, that is a surprise!!! Well I hope she starts blogging but then you can't really share her link because we would all give it away with our links if we commented....

I kind of wish I had never given mine out to family and friends because I always watch what I does stop one from being more open.

cat's momma said...

What a surprise! I'm happy to hear you had a good conversation. And one does have to be careful if you've given your blog address to everybody you know. There's only one place that's "safe"...;)

Travelling Goddess said...

How nice and what a lovely surprise!!! Do take some pictures!!

Yes, I agree with the blogging stuff...if would be nice if one could give out the address and all they would see is just what you want them to see and nothing only that "particular date".

but, what the hell, sometimes, I wonder why I blog at all....but, it is fun to "show and tell"...

Wanda said...

Well now that was a surprise.

You know me and most of my family and blogging....

Glad shes here and it sounds like a good week for both of you.