Friday, July 18, 2008

Will It Be One of Those Days?

After hustling up quarters for laundry I discovered too late that there's no electricity in the laundry room. I discovered the situation AFTER putting the quarters in the machine. I'll be spending my day washing out things by hand.

Its frustrating because someone said they had called the property management company to let them know last week that all the outside lights were not working. I didn't make the connection that this affected the laundry room. And of course no one bothered to put up a sign so others would know about the situation. That's what is really ticking me off right now. Well... there's a BIG RED SIGN UP NOW!!!

Needless to say, I'll be calling the property management company today. I'll start off nice, but you know what they say... the squeaky wheel gets the oil. And I can SQUEAK LOUD if the timing's right and I'm angry at the time.

I guess we'll find out how good or bad the current property management company is now.


Wanda said...

Oh just brought back a memory.. Before retiring I was in Property Management for 20 years.

You scream and you scream loud...cause you are right those are the ones that get the electrican out!!

I'm so glad I'm retired.

Sandy said...

go girl!!! That would definitely have irked me too. Not fun losing a bunch of quarters to noth-ing...

The Crusty Crone said...

Thank you. I was wondering if I got too upset cause it is just one of those things... I've calmed down but ...oh never mind.

I did call the property management company but got a voice mail. Maybe its a very small company and someone is on vacation. I'll be calling every day until I get a hold of someone.