Thursday, July 31, 2008

Personal Rewards of a Thorough Cleaning

Why yes... I am taking yet another break from housekeeping. How nice that you noticed. Look... there's something shiny over there in the corner. Oh, wait. Its just the metalic paper from a cigarette pack that I missed. Never mind.

Ya know... thoroughly cleaning a toilet is almost as rewarding as when the windows are cleaned. You can just see it sparkle instantly. However, if anyone else notices how clean your toilet is, you know you've waited way too long to do it.

I would like to see toilets made with a base that is shaped like a rectangle or box. Get rid of all those curves where the dirt rests. A box shape would make it so much easier and faster to clean and the dust and dirt would just fall to the floor. The dribbles, not so much. And cover the hinges. Too many crevices.

Speaking of dribbles.... how can the boys miss the inside of the toilet so much. I mean, unlike females, they have the option of actually aiming their pee... yet they so often miss the mark. Or actually... they make the mark, if you know what I mean.

Okay... back to the (roll the eyes) gratifying work detail.


Rosy said...

Ha Ha Ha...your too funny indeed!!

But that is a good question why do men no matter what their age are manages to miss the mark every time!?!

Um...perhaps I ought to add something to this effect to my bathroom rules besides asking the men to put the seat down when done.

BJ said...

Hi CC! Trying to catch up....been gone for a while. Enjoyed this post. After having a husband & two sons's, I always wondered why the heck they missed the bowl so much. And I have to agree. Cleaning the bowl, cracks & crevices is for the birds. Someone should come up with a better base.....maybe you should. It seems like you have a really good idea.

Sandy said...

hahahaha...well after having four sons and two grandsons, i have lots of experience with how much they miss the bowl...My dream was always a gym like bathroom with a drain, where I could hose all their dribbles off the floor and down the drain.

Sue J said...

I personally think that the male of the species has more than one hole to pee out of. They should all be sent for flute lessons, then they'd be able to cover all but one!
What gets me is when you've squeezed the toilet cleaner around the bowl and left it for a while to do its job, and they just pee on it and flush it all away without giving a thought to the brush! I've even stood the cleaner on the lid so they would know, but it makes no difference :(( How many men does it take to clean a toilet? None - it's a woman's job!