Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hmmm ... Imagine That!

I just heard that the oil companies made over a trillion dollars in profit for the year. That's a T for trillion. P for profit. Exxon made 41 billion dollars itself. And guess what. It spent only 1% of its profit on researching alternative energy sources. BP did slightly better at 2.9% of profit going to research. And now Bush wants to drill for more USA oil. You know, cause the oil companies could probably use more money. Hey, they need to make a living while they look for alternative energy sources just like the rest of us.

And on a different note.... I'm feeling embarrassed for McCain. He's hired fools to manage his campaign. The recent ads are so childish, its pitiful. Its embarrassing. And for McCain to talk about Obama's celebrity status while he stands there wearing his $520 Italian calveskin loafers is stupid. On the other side, Obama better not get too cocky and turn to childish rebuttals because that will really diminish his standing in a lot of people's eyes.


cat's momma said...

I knew there would be grand profits for the oil companies...there always is! I'm beginning to sputter I'm so fed up.

Rosy said...

Um...I guess now they "can" afford to allow us a wee bit breaks at the pumps lowering the prices..."But wait!! Just as when we are getting back to buying cheap gas again...they'll turn right around and hit us again when we least expect it!

I have no faith whatsoever in our oil companies, McCain and Obama...Especially short Sh*t Bush!!

The Crusty Crone said...

Rosy said "they'll turn right around and hit us again when we least expect it!"

I'm expecting the prices to begin increasing again as soon as the election is over. (that's what happened when we had the congressional elections.) The goal is to diffuse the peasants' anger until after the election.. and no matter who gets elected, the price of oil will no doubt go back up.

I will be very pleasantly surprised if this guess is wrong.