Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wiggley Squiggley

In an attempt to get something to show on the blog I did a couple of what I call 'wiggley squiggley' sketches using photos in a magazine. 1-2 minute squigglings. (I'm not even going to tell you who the people were in the photographs, because I don't want to embarrass myself. Sort of like taking the 5th when on the witness stand.)

And speaking of wiggley squiggley... do you remember Piggley Wiggley? I do. What a name for a grocery store, but everyone was always "goin' down to the Piggley Wiggley. Be right back." I think the last time I thought about Piggley Wiggley was when I was watching the movie Driving Miss Daisy. She went to Piggley Wiggley, too. What a great movie that caught the flavor of the 50s.... for their social-economical status. (I remembered each of the cars she had too. And the church bombing, MLK, Jr., and all the other news that was commented about in the movie.)
(a google search indicates Piggley Wiggley is still in operation in parts of the country. I did not know that.)

On to other things that have been on my mind....

If you are considering getting a Walmart prepaid visa car.... please THINK AGAIN!! I caught some commentary about how many fees Walmart will be charging people. There were between 7 - 10 different fees. One for opening an account, one for using the card, even one for them holding your money and at $4.95 I don't consider that to be a "low fee". There's even a fee for reloading the card. Don't go there, k?

The other evening I was listening to public radio... a presentation from Alternative News (or is it Alternative Radio. Can't remember for sure.) The presenter was talking about what his research showed regarding the war, Haliburton, and the Blackwater mercentaries. ohmygawd.... legalized murderers.

The government has contracted Blackwater to come help fight their war in Iraq. When you hear about contract workers getting injured or killed, you typically think its support personnel or construction folks. Not necessarily so. Could be Blackwater personnel. Each Blackwater "security" person gets paid something like $350 a day.... and the company charges the government $950 a day. And thats for each individual over there. Wonder what they pay the soldiers? Its not $350 a day, thats for sure!

The presenter also shared one of the 'tricks' Blackwater people have used to kill civilians. Using loudspeakers, they would drive slowly thru a residential section hurling insults to muslims. When the Iraqis' came out with their rifles and began shooting them in the air, they were killed by the Blackwater people. There is no one overseeing their activities and they cannot be charged or held accountable for any of their actions. Now how scarey is that!

I'm thinking our government is no better than Saddam's was... Saddam just didn't cloak his activities like our government does. Oh yeah... and there are, or were, Blackwater personnel in New Orleans, too.

If you're interested, Blackwater does have a web site... I'm just not going to put a link to it here. Its easy enough to find using google. Here's a link to Alternative Radio and it looks like you can still hear or read about the presentation. At least for now.

And regarding how senators voted for the war.... each senator got a 90 page intelligence report ten days before the vote. Most of the senators apparently did not bother to read it, because it stated that the intelligence was suspect. Based on some things Clinton said on the senate floor, she didn't do her homework.

oh lordy... enough of this political stuff. I mention it only in case it might cause one person to perhaps give a little more thought to what might be really going on and not necessarily swallow all the propaganda we are fed.

I think I should take a news break for a while.
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Sandy said...

HI CC: I put down my rose colored glasses in regards to our government about five years before 911. I was a conspiracy buff at the time...everything I read up to the day of 911, has come true since then...every damn thing...

I don't even allow myself to get interested anymore because in my opinion, everything we read that is put out by mainstream in regards to our government is pure fiction and only suitable for the sleepy masses of people that we are. How long did it take people who were so for bush to see what he really many were for the war.. NOT ME then or now...okay enough of blood pressure is rising. I think I'll go sketch.

Speaking of sketching..I like your sketches and I think I recognize the bottom one but darn it can't think of the name.

Wanda said...

Very, very interesting!!!

As far as the them. I think I'll try a "Piggly Wiggly".

cat's momma said...

Maybe if I try a piggly wiggly it will loosen up my drawing arm/hand because when i try to draw I just get frustrated! I like yours and the bottom one looks kind of like Art Buchwald to me.

The Crusty Crone said...

The bottom one looks familiar to me, too, but I can't place him. I need to go look and see if I can find a picture of Art Buchwald... maybe thats who I'm thinking of.

Thanks for a clue, Cat's Momma.

Rauf said...

i agree with Sandy. i even have doubts about 9/11 and who staged it and how 3000 and odd people's lives were sacrificed who were in the buildings. They can do anything. its all for money, to make some people rich at the cost of the lives of the soldiers and innocent civilians. its sad that people are not able to do anything about it.

Sandy said...

Yeah Rauf!!! More and more people are looking at it this way I think and the more and more that do, something like this won't happen again, I'm hoping.

Sandy said...

And..what better blog to come to when one wants to be cranky...and a little suspicious to the things that are "sold" as reality...good ole' Crusty's board.

Travelling Goddess said...

CC!! Those squigglies are great!!! Could we see more of them please??

and yes, Piggly Wiggly is still big in South Carolina.

Sue J said...

We get a lot of documentaries about skullduggery in governments and a lot of them are about USA. I wonder if they ever get aired on American TV? We watched the 9/11 horror on the TV at the time and I remember that the Israeli Prime Minister made the comment that this was this generations Pearl Harbour(?). We do know, now, that the then government knew the Japanese were headed for Hawaii, and you have to wonder who knew this was going to happen and did nothing. I have never seen the piece of footage since, where he made that statement, I suspect it is well buried.
Iraq was never about WMD or Saddam or even terrorism; it is about oil.
I feel so sad for all the people who are losing their lives there - of all countries and religions and beliefs.
Sue (Australia, who also got volunteered by our suckhole Prime Minister into the mess)

Sue J said...

Love the squiggly portraits :-)))

Sandy said...

Today I was out and driving and down on a corner about a mile from here must have been 30 to 40 veterans, old guys, really old, I'm talking probably WWII who had signs about bringing the troops home NOW!!!! My heart more snoozin and people now know what the heck is going on with our government...really from local to national levels...