Friday, June 15, 2007


Recently I signed up to get a weekly newsletter from our public broadcasting station. It includes upcoming programming highlights for both TV and radio. When I get it, I make a note of what programs I want to watch or listen to... (she holds up a scrap of paper... an atm receipt with writing on the back to be exact.) Then I try to keep the note in front of me so I will, hopefully, remember when its going to be on. I keep it at my pc. Its the place you are most likely to find me. (yes... I live a simple life and my ass is spreading as I key this.)

Tonight there was a radio program on that I wanted to listen to... "Radio Lab: Mortality". Since this is a Friday and I'm hard pressed to find anything worth watching on network TV I did remember to listen and I'm so glad I did!

What a great program! It was very informative and amazingly entertaining. (I laughed so hard it was difficult to get up off the floor. I kid you not. I might be exaggerating to make a point, but the laughter was real and it was OUT LOUD.) It delved into cell life and current research, and had a taste of how dealing with the elderly impacts society. And it was presented with humor. (I never laughed so hard at the Grim Reaper before this.)

Why am I blogging this? Its to say "hey... you might want to check out your local programs. They can be quite entertaining... oh, and if you've a mind to, how about contributing some bucks next time they have a fund raiser."

I don't know about your local station, but this coming Monday there's a TV program coming on called "Power of Art" at 9pm. I saw a 'teaser' for it and it looks like its going to be very very good. (she tucks her receipt-note half under the mouse pad for safe keeping. Monday morning she will put it up on the keyboard so its in her face. I guess this is where she could set an appointment alarm on her Blackberry if she had one, but she's a simple old fart and doesn't have a Blackberry. You know how old people are with technology. "What do ya mean 'push the button'???")


Sandy said...

That was fun to read. You write great...and I will check that out and see if it is playing again on TV...hmmmm..I couldn't imagine having a blackberry with me at all times. That would drive me crazy.. Receipts are much better for keepinog notes..

Sandy said...

that's weird, I knew I commented but it didn't show up..but yet here it is...but yet, it didn't show up on the actual post page..

The Crusty Crone said...

".....but yet, it didn't show up on the actual post page.. "

Perhaps the universe is showing you that you do not see with your eyes but with your mind... or sumpin' like that. I've had things happen like that. One involved a whole building. First it was there, then it wasn't.

Sue J said...

I don't have a Blackberry either - whatever one of those is - but I do use my Yahoo Calendar to remind me of things. It's easy to use so if you have a Yahoo Toolbar, try it.
Other things I refuse to have in my life - a microwave and a mobile phone. Mobile phones are just an invisible leash to control people from what I've seen.