Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Nothing Much Going On

I've been watching a work crew preparing the lot next door for grass. This is going to be one expensive lawn by the time they are through. Looks like they might also be putting in a sprinkler system. Seems like a lot of work to just put in some grass for a year or two... but clearly, what do I know. Nothing, thats what.

Its Rose Festival week and the weather is typical... showers and clouds. The Grand Floral Parade will be this Saturday. I hope its not raining then and that its cloudy. Cloudy is better than sunburns and heat strokes, ya know.

I'm having a blah day.
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Sandy said...

We had really weird weather today. Clouded up, which I took photos of while on a hike, even brought jackets...and then this afternoon, after the heavy breezes blew the clouds away we have sunshine again...tomorrow is warmer ...

Anonymous said...

And I am feeling like am truly am in the south........boy!! is it HOT today!!

Rauf said...

You have nothing to do ? Welcome to the club. your neighbours are going through the whole hog to entertain you. one day you'll have to buy a ticket to look out of your window. Looks like more entertainment is in the offing for you Crusty crone

Its hard to find straight and sincere blogs like yours i am sick and tired of saints and saintly blogs

Thank you so much Crusty crone.

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