Thursday, June 28, 2007

So... Its Thursday. Again.

I haven't been doing anything for a couple of days. And I'm always a little amazed at how quickly a day can fly by when I'm doing nothing.

But... the question of the day. Is Paris sincere when she announced that her 23 day stint in the slammer has made her a better person and she now wants to do good... you know, for humanity sake.
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Wanda said...
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Wanda said...

I just wish she could have remembered her favorite Bible Passage for goodness sakes!!
(Larry King Live)

BJ said...

As if my two cents matters.....I could only take 5 minutes of her fakeness! It does amaze me that people who find themselves in prison or jail always find the Lord. Why is that? He was surely there to find before her poor choices landed her "little behind" in the slammer. I'm sorry for being so sarcastic. But money and beauty, with no brains, I might add, have done nothing for this young woman(???). And her parents? Why, they need to take a parenting course! It's too late to spank her behind now!