Monday, June 11, 2007

Show-and-Tell Monday

First of all.... ohmygawd, thats today!! Its not like I had a week's notice or anything. Hopefully future Mondays will be a little more in alignment with an actual show-and-tell.

Mine is mostly 'tell' with just a smidgeon of 'show' tossed in....

I think I've been accepted... accepted by the old man in the back apt. The older couple are Asian, but I'm not sure from what area. If I was pressed to the wall for a guess, I would say Korean. When I first moved here their daughter would come by each and every day to check on them. When an apartment became available she and her immediate family moved here. Now she is up and down the stairs all the time. (The older couple is in the back ground floor apt. She, with family, is in an upstairs apt.)

I have seen the old man out for a "walk" almost every day. I put quotes around the word walk because I have a thing for quotes and I don't think 'walk' is accurate. Its more an extremely slow saunter. But he's out there, nonetheless.

I'm usually ignored as I stand up against the wall right next to my door having a smoke and trying to be inconspicuous. This morning the old man waved at me. He actually waved... you know... at me. As in a greeting. At me. I waved back and smiled.

What surprised me was the spring in his step. He was moving right along like a 20 yr old, wooden walking stick in his hand, arms swinging. He was movin' out, man!! It made me wonder if he and the ole lady got together last night or something.

He had on a white t-shirt, olive shirt over that, tan baseball cap, black walking shorts and thongs on his feet. (His wooden walking stick is smooth and a shiny golden color.)I did a real quick sketch from memory, so no reference to look at. (thats my disclaimer. Its okay to laugh. I won't be able to hear you.)
He looked like he was on top of the world.

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Sandy said...

Oh CC: This was a wonderful start to show and tell. I loved your story, description of him, and your sketching was great. The sketch and the story worked real well together. Loved it! Thanks for joining in. sandy

BJ said...

Loved your story! And your sketch of him is just how I envisioned him! Very nice.

Wanda said...

Oh CC: That was great! I'm so glad to be back home and checking out all your posts.
Great sketches.... Great story...

It's too late today, but I'll do something for next monday.

cat's momma said...

I really like your illustration of the old guy and the story. Cool sharing.

Anonymous said...

(((He was movin' out, man!! It made me wonder if he and the ole lady got together last night or something.)))

I burst out laughing so hard, I think the neighbors must have heard me who live a block away!!!

Great sketch!!!! Just great,

Got caught shorthanded by Sandy.

Rauf said...

Probably right Crusty Crone, or had his favourite Korean dish ?
or great success in the toilet after days of constipation ??

Very expressive sketch there.

Sandy said...

I wanna know more about this guy..Has he been around lately.. Has he waved anymore. What color clothes was he wearing last time you saw him. Does he have the same stick. I need to post a picture of my walking stick. It is so cool!!! I bought it at the 99 cent store just for the hell of it and it comes in handy when I'm hiking in streams with big helps steady me...