Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Splash of Color

A friend called yesterday and invited me over for a visit. We usually get together at her place once a month... maybe two months.

She had a splash of brilliant red on her porch... a crazily blooming cactus and a healthy geraniam (see below). (I'll have to check that spelling.) My friend mentioned the name of the cactus four or five times. Even I once asked to again be reminded of the name of it. I'll need that information when I blog about the plant. Yeah, well.... good intentions and all. I think I failed to 'hook' the information in my memory file. A connecting factor, if you will. So now I cannot locate the information. sigh.


We got caught up on personal stuff. "I talked to Fred the other day....." "Did you see the Trader Joe's recall?"
Then we played Upwards as she prepared dinner in between turns. I was pulling better letters than my friend and I won handily. (cheesy grin.)

For dinner we had marinated salmon and spinach. A basic dinner that tasted yummy. As I was feeling all healthy and rightous, smacking my lips, my friend packed a small plastic bag of chocolate candy for me to take home. I'm claiming that it balances each other out... healthy dinner and junky desert. I can balance that seesaw.

Once dinner was done, I picked up the signal that it was time to go. "Here's your hat, what's your hurry?" It was a very pleasant afternoon and much appreciated as a break in the routine.
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Wanda said...

Hey CC: Just got home last night late...Haven't had a chance to read any previous posts...will catch up tomorrow!
Missed checking you out every day!

Travelling Goddess said...

Hey nice cactus....and what did you say the name was??? hahahahaha.

Glad that you had a good time at your friend's house......and the woman is brave playing word games with YOU!!!

Sandy said...

oh yeah, playing word games with CC...ouch...that wouldn't' be prudent...

cat's momma said...

"Here's your hat; what's the hurry." Hahahahah...enjoyed that bit!