Monday, June 25, 2007

Its Almost Grass

I see some grass in my future.

Its almost grass. I was expecting them to lay sod down, but they are doing it the old fashion way. The one guy is rolling a large netted cylinar that bumps the grass seed out.

Yes, I'm a city slicker. Its all new to me!
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Anonymous said...

but what is going on there...what will be it a little park or...

waiting out some of the labor time at home..just too crowded in the tiny little labor room..we are about 10 minutes from the ...

but...I'm curious what is going there, unless I missed a post about it somewhere in the past on your blog.

The Crusty Crone said...

The community college is making this a plot of "lawn" until they can complete other plans like buying up the rest of the buildings on the block. (That would be three places... two houses and these apartments.) My guess is that it will be a plot of grass for a year, perhaps a little longer.

Wanda said...

How nice to have a plot of grass, even if its just a year! Green is so much better than dirt!
Being gone a week, really puts me behind in reading posts...I will catch up!
Love and Hugs girlfriend!