Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday's Show-and-Tell Part 1




My choice for show and tell today is a garden statue that I keep in the bathroom. I keep it there, first, because I don't have a garden and, second, because I am a little concerned about how well it would hold up out in the elements. Its heavy, maybe 10 to 15 pounds, but it doesn't feel weather-strong. At least not the wet weather we have around here.

See all the crevices? Can you say 'dust magnetic'? I have to use a small toothbrush to get in there and sweep the dust out. I suppose it doesn't help that the first time I dusted it was this morning before taking the pictures.... after about three years. (Gee... Good can come from Show-and-Tell Mondays. How 'bout that!)

It could hold a little bird seed in her skirt.

I included the picture with the toilet paper to give you an idea of size.

(detail shots of her feet and the bird are below in a separate post. Picasa seems to only allow three photos at a time.)

If you want to see all the other participants in Monday's Show-and-Tell group, go here to see Sandy's entry (aka Dusty Duck) and then check out the comments for the links to others. (You'll need to copy and paste; comments don't do "hot links".)
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Sue J said...

I thought Show and Tell was going to be the mandala thing - or have I got my wires crossed? Is Show and Tell something else that I'm not involved in?

Travelling Goddess said...

what a sweet little friend to have around.!! She is a cutieee!!

I'm finally getting around to visit everyone..

The Crusty Crone said...

Sue J., I can see how things can be confusing. Here's the scoop on the weekly activity thats going on; we have two separate weekly "sharings" happening.

Sandy (aka Dusty Duck... I love that moniker) has a weekly "Show-and-Tell" project. She has created a separate blog for it. "Monday's Show and Tell." (link is on her main blog's sidebar.) The "SAT" (show and tell) can be anything you want it to be. Belongings, art, recipes, anything. On Mondays Sandy posts her SAT and the other participants post their SAT on their own blogs. Then in the comments section of Sandy's blog we post the link to our individual SAT entries. We can then each copy/paste the links to go see others' contribution.

Traveling Goddess has a separate weekly art project that happens to also be due on Monday. (this week it was Tuesday) Each week someone picks a subject or format then participants creates art using the subject in some manner or other. A digital picture of what we do is sent to the Traveling Goddess and she posts all of them on her blog, that way they can all be seen at the same time/place.

I hope this clears things up a bit for you. If not, just ask.

Sue J said...

Thanks CC, for the explanation :-))) Can anyone join in SAT? I'm having scanner/puter problems at the moment so I can't do images.
Hugs Sue :-))

The Crusty Crone said...

Sure Sue J. Anyone can join in... the more the merrier. (bummer about 'puter problems.)