Thursday, June 28, 2007

Shelley Yates - Fire the Grid

A dear friend of mine just mentioned a name... Shelley Yates .... and that she (my friend) was going to be paying attention to July 17th. That was the extent of it. A name and a date. I had never heard of Shelley Yates. But isn't that why God made google? To help us find what we are searching for?

Shelley tells of her personal life-saving miracle and what happened to her following it. There are 8 parts to her (youtube) presentation and explanation. I'm going to post the first one here, you know, just to pique your curiousity and if you want more, just go there and put "Shelley Yates" in the search box. (You will also notice her project web site, if you're paying attention. The web site can be viewed using several different languages. If you need a different language go to

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