Tuesday, April 03, 2007

You Little Honey, bucket

Only thing that was left behind was a honey bucket. And the street people have not let it go to waste. I don't know how these things work, but I'm thinking this stall has got to be getting pretty full.

Nuttin' goin' on 'round here. One day dips into the next.

I couldn't sleep last night. I slept good during the day, but I was wide awake from 11pm until... well, until now. How did poker get to be so "popular", anyway? And ohmygawd, is that Gab Kaplan from Welcome Back Kotter???? What the hell happened to him!? I didn't recognize him at all. I had to wait until someone called him by name.

Speaking of what the hell happened? I saw Curt Russell on Jay Leno the other night. (00) All I could do was mutter "but...but...where's Curt??" Curt wasn't anywhere to be seen. There was just a plain older man sitting there. Someone you wouldn't notice in the grocery store. It was kind of sad. (for those too young, I'm talking about Curt Russell from Goldie Hawn fame. And if that doesn't jog your memory then you're just too young to be reading this blog!)

We all peak at different times. The lucky ones just don't peak in front of the whole world.
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Anonymous said...

How funny, I thought Kurt Russell looked pretty good..hahaha. Really..

in fact, I thought he looked



The Crusty Crone said...

I knew "Curt" looked funny. Although.... spelled Kurt looks a little strange too. hahaha

I guess this is an example of "beauty in the eye of the beholder." And I don't want to take anything away from him, because for his age (or not) he was looking good (as in no pot belly, etc.)... but I just couldn't see Kurt in his facial expression. I could see it in the film clips, but he looked ordinary on the show. Its all very interesting to me, said Mr. Spock.

Anonymous said...

I happen to catch it, and he still looked pretty hot to me too... I think you need to windex the ole Tv there Crusty... hehehe

Hey, you called that A Honey Bucket... And you are right... Not many know what those are called... Once I was on a Movie, and I was just an extra this day... I walked up to this other extra who had been there for several days, She was acting like a know it all and like a star... I went up to her and I ask where she got her hot chocolate, she told me, "from the Honey wagon"... I said... "Is this your first movie?" She said yes... I told her, the honey wagon is where you go to pee and poo, so I sure hope you didnt get that hot chocolate from there...

The Crusty Crone said...

It helped that the name "Honey Bucket" was on the door.

The first time I heard the phrase I was at Paul's place and he was telling folks where the Honey Bucket was located. "What the hell is a honey bucket?" I asked. (okay, so I didn't include "hell" in my question.) That's when I first heard of it. A little long in the tooth to have not heard of it before, but oh well.