Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In List Mode

*I don't like Charmin toilet paper. Its like wiping your ass with a bed sheet. A 500 thread count sheet.

*Imus. Just another day at the park for him. I don't listen to his radio show. Too mean and bitchy for me. A friend of mine once told me she listens to him on her way to work and that sometimes he's just outrageously funny. That prompted me to listen. After all, I didn't want to miss any laughs. But I did. I found him arrogantly obnoxious and demeaning. I only listened a few days. All I can say is apparently there are enough people who can relate to him to keep him on the air. And thats a scary thought, to be sure. What I find interesting is that Imus' racial/sexual slur happened just a few months after Michael Richards' (Kramer.) complete melt down. Makes me wonder if the Universe is manipulating things so we take a good look at our complacency.

*I've got to get my car tags updated. Have I whined about this before? I'm bringing it up here because I had forgotten about it again... and I was reminded. Maybe I'll see how lucky I am by not updating them until May. Question is, would that be May of 2007 or 2008? I'm not sure yet.

*It works out better if I post a blog entry BEFORE going by my favorite sites. That can take a few hours sometimes and by the time I'm done, I'm done with the pc.

*I can't find my painter's tape. Waaah. Looks like it might be time to pick up things around here.

*"Whether you are painting or singing or acting or dancing, do it with passion. Do it every day and do it like you don't need the money." from John Ferrie's comments to the Painters Key newsletter.

*I'm currently testing the Law of Attraction with a specific request. I'd share the request but I think that would be manipulation. Besides, its a selfish request.

*I think I'm done with this list now. How are your lists going? I have a friend who always makes a list of things she needs to get done. She likes crossing things off. I tried it a couple of times but kept losing my list.

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