Monday, April 09, 2007

Clyde The Glide

He can't dance! He's still my man... still a gentleman, but dang, bulldog.... he can't dance.

The judges seem to be brutally honest, however, their scoring doesn't always match their critiques. But what the hey... its a popularity contest anyway.

I was glad to hear Clyde say something about the judging cause it certainly seems like they are judging professionals and these celebrities are NOT professional. They (the judges) don't give any slack. But the bottom line is... the man is not a dancer. And I don't really know how committed he is because I know the show is edited for the audience.

One of the judges said his moves were all the same... for all the dances. And I agree, but it is the choreographer who creates the steps, so....

I'm still a big fan of Clyde's and I still think he's classy. He just can't dance. Lets get it over with so I can go back to watching my regular programming. And Clyde can get back to his golf game.

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Anonymous said...

can't believe how good Fatone did.

I really enjoyed his last performance...s