Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Is It Over Yet?

Some things are over and others are not. The stunned reaction to the tragedy of Virginia Tech is beginning to fade, but standing behind it are all the following steps of grief. And for the families and close friends of the people directly involved, it will never be over. They and their loss are held gently in our hearts.

One thing that is over is Clyde, the Glide, Drexler. No longer will he have to dance to the tune of another. He has finally been voted off Dancing with the Stars. And he looked happy about it, too. hahahahahaha (no. I do not have a kernel of corn stuck in my keyboard. that is me laughing. well you don't look all that cool either when you laugh!) And, as I remember him, he remained a kind and gracious gentleman as he spoke his goodbyes. (I think I could actually see him mentally packing his bags and running for the airport.)

I heard Clyde had turned down two or three prior offers to appear on Dancing but his kids finally talked him into doing it. (Maybe he lost a bet.) In any event, it was nice to see him again.

Yawning is permitted if you do not follow the show. I've had my own yawns as I read other blogs commenting on TV shows, so I completely understand. And its over now.

Oh... one last thing, though. Guess who was a guest performer on the show? Macy Gray. And I had just discovered her voice a couple of days ago. Not a particularly "great" singing voice, but a unique voice. (like Rod Stewart)

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