Friday, April 13, 2007

The End of an Era?

Imus has been fired from CBS, now too. I don't have an opinion about whether or not his Rutger comments should have cost him his job. I don't have even an inkling of all the information needed to make a decent decision about it. But it certainly sends a message. You piss off the sponsors and you're outta here! Don't mess with my money. After all, Imus has been on the radio for 38 yrs or so, spewing out statements said in hateful terms. And he apparently has a whole lot of fans. He's gotten away with this kind of behavor for so long......

Call me a pancake. Two sides. I'm glad such a mean spirited and hurtful radio program is off the air. But its also a serious blow to the face (not to mention the ego) to a guy who a lot of people say is a "good man", beyond his ramblings.

However, CBS' initial response of two weeks off was nothing more than an unscheduled vacation. But I don't know if a longer suspension would have been any better. Imus has been on the carpet before, has been repentful before, apologetic before, but the nature of the beast always finds its way to the surface, given enough time. And thats what they were paying him to be or do.

I DO think, though, that once the dust has settled, that Imus and the basketball team deserve a huge THANK YOU for being instruments to bring attention to the still hidden racism that still exists in most of us. I heard the radio blunder and to me it did not seem that Imus intended his comments to be taken as a put-down. But what it did do is to bring up the buried racism that still exists. And you can't clean something if you can't get to it.

I should end this post here, but no matter.... I also want to mention that I'm not particularly a fan of Al Sharpton or Jackson. Personally, I think they are opportunists who jump into the spotlight, given the slightest opportunity, screaming "FOUL FOUL" and acting like they represent all people of color. I don't think so. But again... what do I know about it. Nothing.

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Anonymous said...

I was just telling someone yesterday that I'm tired of the "mean spiritedness" that is so prevalent on talk shows, late night shows, etc. AND...I've really really had it with the ease in which our celebrities and entertainers and newscasters, everybody in the public eye with a public voice, the ease with which they can make fun of, be sarcastic about, or make light of their fellow human beings and the problems that someone might have.

So in my opinion "F" ...all of these jerks who find laughter at somebody elses' expense. They all need to be canned...They're all insecure pigs...

whew!!! I love a good rant. sandy