Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday March 11

The house is gone now... only the foundation remains. This picture was taken last week. Work on the house demolition is sporadic now.

I got the perfect toasted cheese on my tuna noodle casserole and without having to stand and watch it. I didn't have any chips to put on the top so I used cheese. While it was under the broiler I played on the pc. Normally that would be bad news, but this time I listened to myself. When the thought of the casserole came to me I didn't ignore it but went to check. And it was perfect.

I'm trying to do that more... listen to myself. If I have a thought float through I try to pay attention to it. A thought like I really should clean the bathroom means someone will be coming over and will want to use it. So far so good.

Exciting, ain't it.
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