Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Delicate Dance of a Dinasaur


As I stood looking at this.... this.... what is this? A backhoe? Anyway, as I stood looking at this huge clanking piece of equipment, I couldn't help but think of a raptor. And I didn't have to know anything about the equipment and what was being done to know that the operator was really good at it. The movements were efficient and smoothly done. No halting or stammering at all. The "mouth piece" moved with extreme delicacy, picking up only the pieces of concrete it wanted. The arm moved gracefully over to the truck. The debris was placed respectfully in the bed of the dump truck.

It looks like only one man is taking care of the foundation deconstruction. The 'raptor' showed up last night, placed inside the portable fence. This morning came the dump truck. When its full, the man moves from backhoe to dump truck and takes the stuff off to who knows where.

I went to the grocery store this morning. As I was putting my bag in the trunk I happened to look at the license plate and let it register with me. Good choice of words...'register'. My tags expire next month. I had forgotten about the notice I received last month. This activity is something I would have normally asked Candace to take care of for me. (She gets to get away from the kids for a while and I babysit in return for her taking care of it for me. A win/win.) I've been known to let my tags lapse a year or more before getting them. I take this procrastination thing seriously, but I'm not into that right now. I'll take care of it in April. (I hope it passes DEQ.)

I got two bunches of greens, mustard. The green of them screamed at me... I couldn't resist. I need some neckbones or something to go with it. Neckbones... use to save us p'or folks a lot. I would even BBQ them. You had to really hunt for the meat and you had to be prepared for a mess, but they sure could be good at times. Now they cost too much. I mean really... its at least 80% bone for gawd sake! I may have to make another trip to a different store and see what I can come up with.
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