Tuesday, March 27, 2007

One of the Neighbors

Here's a sketch of one of the newer neighbors. She lives in the apt. above mine. I'm guessing she's in her fifties... perhaps early sixties. She goes to the bathroom almost as often as I do. When her toilet is flushed it sounds like a waterfall between the walls. You should have seen me the first time the toilet was flushed after I moved in....I was sitting on my couch and the plumbing is right behind the couch/wall area. I thought something had busted at first. I still wonder if maybe the builders forgot to put the drain pipe in...but nothing has come of it so I trust all is well.

Back to the neighbor. She walks as though one leg is shorter than the others. And she walks "carefully". No sudden movements. And she wears sunglasses at inappropriate times... like at 2am when its black outside. Doesn't take a Harvard professor to figure out that drugs probably have her eyes looking all screwed up.

I did the sketch with pen/ink and then used color crayons.
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DD/Sandy said...

Great to see some creativity coming from you. Love it and she looks like quite a character..

I've been working on something myself...whether I finish or not..well we will see..

Keep em coming...


TopChamp said...

That's a great picture. Wish I could draw....

Hope it's not drugs... but you seem to be able to spot the signs.

Anonymous said...

I like your sketch! Good job and good for you for doing something creative.