Wednesday, March 28, 2007


The sky is falling!! The sky is falling!!

oh wait... its not the sky. Its the mountain side.
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Within the past hour part of a canyon wall has slid onto highway 26... this is the highway leaving Portland to the west and is used by a huge amount of people to get out of the city.

One of the local TV news station captured part of the slide on film... a few more trees falling almost getting an ambulance and fire truck.

Its amazing how quickly emergency personnel arrived. And within 45 minutes they've been able to reroute the backed up traffic and start removing the trees. I mean just getting to the site that quickly is amazing in itself. And these people apparently know what needs to be done because they started working on it right away. Very impressive!!

Considering how much traffic goes through this area at all hours of the day and night it also amazing that no cars were caught under the slide. I consider that a miracle. Some angels were on duty today!!


TopChamp said...

Very lucky that nobody was trapped under that - must have been really scary for the people on the road. It happened on the motorway up to Scotland not so long ago here - our emergency services take a bit longer!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wouldn't want to be stuck in that traffic! What a mess.