Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bonus Days

Bonus days... ya gotta luv 'em. Thats what I'm calling yesterday. Bonus Day Its when a pleasant surprise, or maybe more, happens.

Yesterday was a 'shopping day' for me. Time to restock the cupboards. My first bonus came when I checked myself out of a Fred Meyer store (aka Krogers) using a self-checkout machine. Someone forgot their change in the cup. I'm not sure but I think it was around 65 cents. Hey... a bonus is a bonus, even if you can't buy much with it.

Next I went to Walgreens to get some batteries that were on sale. At check out the clerk located a coupon she had in a booklet and I got another $2 off the sale price. Be still my heart. Nothing brightens up the day like an unexpected windfall.

My next stop was at a small mom-and-pop store. There was a young man panhandling. Going in I gave him my usual speal... "sorry, don't have anything to spare." While inside the thought of generousity came to mind, so on the way out I gave the guy some change. (Some precious laundry quarters, too.) Basically, I was the middle-man. I moved the change from Fred Meyers to the guy at the small store. Interesting how the Universe works... the Laws of Attraction.

After that came a discount grocery store. No 'found money' there, but it wasn't as crowded as normal and there was no one behind me when I checked out. This means I didn't have to rush the bagging drill like a banshee out of hell. Now that doesn't happen often. In fact, rarely. The only thing I could have done without was the ten cent price hike on many of my regular items, but its understandable considering gas prices, blah blah blah. After all, my cost-of-living increase has to go some where.

Those are the major bonus happenings.... a minor happening is finding a couple of products that had been out of stock the last two times I checked at two other stores. (Why all the different stores, you ask... because not every store carries the particular brand I want at the lowest price.)

What didn't happen was that there was no fairy action at home. The kitchen was the same as I left it and the groceries didn't carry themselves from the car into the apartment, let alone putting themselves away. I call it covert exercise. (Ms. Spin Doctor, if you please.)

Now I get to see what gifts today will bring. Sun is suppose to be one of them. ('them' in multiple gifts. Greedy? Me? Naaaw... not me!)

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DD/Sandy said...

Bonus days are great aren't they?? Love them. Sounds like you had a productive day but you need to find a kid and pay them a little something to cart all those packages in for you.

Enjoyed the read, it was fun. Have you checked out Dances in Garden's latest about laundry...cracked me up...